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Do you remember when you last felt great?

When you slept great & awoke refreshed, ready to face the day?

When you had enough energy to get through the day without a struggle?

When you could eat whatever you wanted & never had a weight problem?

What changed? That is for us to discover!
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My first visit with Deborah gave me much hope to get to the root of my health issues and find a remedy for them. Her office staff were friendly and the atmosphere was welcoming. I am recommending her to some friends who are looking for someone like her.

T. C.

I have never had a bad experience there. The staff is kind and caring and Debra Donahue takes her time with me unlike other doctors who make you wait 20 minutes past your appointment time and then another 10 in the exam room and 5 minutes actually spend with you about the problem you came in for. All my hormone problems were addressed and rectified. Even though I have to drive far from my home to go there it is well worth it. Anyone who is looking for a wonderful medical experience should go to symphony health.

S. S.

The staff was friendly and helpful. Deborah listened and recommended appropriate testing. with symptoms and lab results, she evaluated and came up with a plan for recovery. She explained what she thought the issues were and recommended supplements for some immediate relief, but explained that recovery would be a journey. My waiting times have always been reasonable.

J. F.